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Giacinto Scelsi: Four pieces for orchestra, each on a single note, No. 4 (1959)

From the album Quattro pezzi per orchestra, Anahit, Uaxuctum

"If you play a sound for a very long time, it grows.  It becomes so big that you start to hear many more harmonies, and it becomes bigger inside.  The sound envelops you. […] The sound fills the room you are in, it surrounds you, you can swim in it.  But the sound is both creator and destroyer.  It is therapeutical.  It can heal, but it can also destroy. […] When you enter a sound, it surrounds you.  You become part of this sound.  Gradually, you are devoured by this sound and you need no other sound. […] It’s all in this sound, the entire universe is in this one sound that fills the room.  All possible sounds are contained in this sound from the start."

(Giacinto Scelsi, quoted in the liner notes for the album Natura renovatur)

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February 25, 2009, 9:30am

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