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"Art must move ahead of life"


When I hear music like this, I begin to hope that tomorrow or in one or two years this new discovery—perhaps through the mediation of cosmonauts—will become reality, and, in so doing, further influence our daily life…and perhaps then the kingdom of humanity and reason will arrive sooner than hoped for. Art must move ahead of life and indicate the direction which life is to take. Music such as this—as in the case of all modern art—affirms that this is possible even in the 20th century.

—An anonymous 30-year-old Czech, upon hearing an excerpt of Herbert Eimert’s Epitaph fur Aikichi Kuboyama during a study on the perception of electronic music conducted in 1966. Quoted in Vladimir Karbusicky, Empirische Musiksoziologie (Wiesbaden, 1975).

September 30, 2012, 3:23pm

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