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Severed Heads: “Adolf a Karrot?”

From the album Blubberknife (1982)

The fragmentary and fascinating global history of early industrial music becomes richer with every rediscovery of once-forgotten pieces of the puzzle. One recent find for me is the seminal Australian act Severed Heads. Founded in Sydney in 1979, the group existed in various forms until its ultimate dissolution in 2008. Like many other acts of the period, Severed Heads skirted the fluctuating boundaries between industrial, experimental, and electronic dance music. Earlier records exploited tape loops and gritty, distorted synthesizer textures, while later releases took on the polished, sequencer-driven sound of 80s electro-pop.

"Adolf a Karrot," a noisy, bouncy, and strangely upbeat little anthem, originally appeared on Blubberknife, the group’s third album, which was issued on cassette tape in 1982. The track was re-released on the 2008 compilation Adenoids 1977-1985, which collects Severed Heads’ early recordings on a 5-LP set.

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July 09, 2012, 3:01pm

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