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Felix Kubin: “Psyko Billy”

From the album Matki Wandalki (2004)

The musical production of Felix Kubin (born 1969 in Hamburg) ricochets between the two poles of experimental, post-futurist sound art and “psycho sci-fi pop,” often within the same track. Veteran of numerous musical projects, from the early 80s punk group “Die Egozentrische Zwei” (whose recordings were later released as “The Tetchy Teenage Tapes of Felix Kubin”) to Klangkrieg, a noise-collage duo with Tim Buhre started in 1987, Kubin cites among his formative influences the music of Sun Ra, Stockhausen, and Throbbing Gristle.

As befits a self-described dadaist, Kubin has maintained an aura of absurd mystery around his life and musical activities. His personal website has not been updated for six years, and in any event contains mostly breathless mock-publicity boilerplate about the remarkable musical career of the “whirlwind wizard of the ivories.” A substantial—and apparently sincere—feature on Kubin appeared in the now-defunct Acetone Magazine in 2005. Here he states: “Of course I know that my existence is ridiculous like everyone else’s. But I cannot lead a life with this knowledge on my forehead, so I pretend that it is different and make myself believe it.”

In addition to his prolific recordings, Kubin has created a number of radio plays, sound installations, and other artistic undertakings of a more…speculative nature, such as the “Pataphysical Tape Club.” In 1998 he founded Gagarin Records, named after the famous Russian cosmonaut and specializing in “Futurist pop, Anti-Music, Electronic Surgery, Walls of Waltz, Unnerving Beauty, Sound and Radio Art, Preußen-Noise.” A recent release, entitled Historische Aufnahmen, Vol. 1 (Historic Recordings), purports to capture such fantastic phonographic phenomena as the electrical impulses of plankton and Friedrich Trautwein’s demonstration of his Trautonium for Joseph Goebbels.


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October 06, 2011, 10:54pm

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