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Belbury Poly: “Remember Tomorrow”

From the album From an Ancient Star (2009)

Since 2004, the British label Ghost Box has carved out a distinctive niche in contemporary electronic music.  Combining space-age nostalgia with modern techno-musical polish, acts such as Belbury Poly evoke the distinctly UK brand of futurism embodied by the music of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and TV shows such as Dr. Who.

In an age of rampant cultural necrophilia, where dead styles are brushed off and repackaged in ever quicker succession by a desperately decadent marketing apparatus, any such willful appropriation of the past can be suspected of revivalist bandwagon-jumping.  But I believe this music should be spared that verdict, for two reasons: first, its style, combining childlike tunefulness with elements of electronica from disco to pyschedelia, is syncretic enough that it can hardly be accused of straightforward recycling; second, its primary influences are themselves, like so much of the best 20th-century music, all but unknown in their original forms.

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May 12, 2009, 9:46am

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